Tequila La Gran Señora (one of Jenni Rivera's many nicknames), makeup, flat irons for hair, jeans, an autobiography, an official movie, and an album with unedited songs. These are just some of the projects that Jenni Rivera left pending before her untimely death, and that now, her younger sister, Rosie, along with the rest of the family will continue to try to see to completion. The only woman left among her siblings, Rosie has vowed to finish these projects but also to "expand the legacy" of la Diva de la Banda.

That's what Rosie herself said in the grand finale of Jenni's radio show Contacto Directo, one of her favorite activities, which on Wednesday shut down its mics forever with three full hours of laughs, tears, memories, and a love for Jenni that was palpable even on the other side of the radio waves.


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The end of the radio show coincided with the Los Angeles premiere of her film debut in Filly Brown, which is being hailed by many--including by its executive producer and iconic Latino actor Edward James Olmos--as worth of an Oscar.

I have to be honest and admit that when I heard Rosie go through the number of projects that are coming with Jenni's name attached to them, I was a little shocked. Like they say, I sinned with my negative thoughts assuming that, once more, the Rivera family is really trying to milk Jenni's name to the end, as if she were the goose with the golden eggs or something.

But when I started looking into it a bit more, I found that the name of the tequila had been registered by Jenni herself in 2011. The beauty products and the jeans were already being sold on her website before her death and the autobiography she wrote herself, many, many pages by hand.

Jenni's sister also talked about how they're in talks with Walmart in Mexico to sell Diva de la Banda products. She also revealed they're having serious problems with the producers of the movie currently being made about Jenni's life, since she says that they owed Jenni money. Horrible!

I'm glad Rosie is taking care of continuing production on Jenni's projects, so that her kids never lack anything, just as Jenni herself would have wanted. But best of all is that Rosie confirmed that her priority is up-keeping and expanding the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation to help women affected by domestic violence.

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