Hilarious ad will make you want to ship your pants (VIDEO)

Hilarious KMart Ship My Pants AdRarely does a commercial make me laugh out loud or make me want to poop my pants, but I have to say Kmart has created a commercial that accomplishes both. Kmart's "Ship My Pants" ad is nothing short of HILARIOUS. I mean, it's LOL-hit-replay-did-they-just-say-what-I-think they-said kind of funny. I am not the only one who is loving this ad: the spot is getting all kinds of positive feedback on YouTube--and YouTube is usually brutal.

This ad totally takes advantage of the fact that one letter change in the word "ship" makes it sound exactly like what comes out of your butt when you go number two. Shoot, I'm not convinced the actors in the commercial are actually saying ship because it sounds so much like they are saying "shit."


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Can I just give a round of applause to the team that came up with this wonderful piece of marketing? Not only did I learn that if I go to Kmart and they don't have the item that I want in the store, they can order it for me on the spot and have it shipped, I also learned that Kmart is not above giving me a laugh with a bit of low-brow humor.

On a side-note, I was watching the ad online while my husband was tending to our girls and he said, "Turn that off, it's inappropriate!" That leads to the question of who exactly is the audience for this ad? You probably wouldn't want it playing during Saturday morning cartoons as the humor is a bit off-color (hmmm, is it politically incorrect to say "off-color"... but I, digress).  According to a Kmart spokesperson, the ad will air on select cable TV channels.

Image via YouTube

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