Adorable little girl can't quite master the water fountain (VIDEO)

Water fountains can be reeaal tricky, something two-year-old Lyla recently found out the hard way. As can be seen in the adorable clip below, the little girl tries to quench her thirst by taking a sip from a fountain, but can't quite figure out how the darn thing works (not that we can blame her or anything. Life without sippy cups is hard). The result is this hilarious footage that will definitely bring a smile to your face.


In the video, Lyla pushes the button over and over again but doesn't seem to realize she has to continue to hold it down as she leans forward to drink. After several failed attempts at taking a sip, the still thirsty young girl finally turns to her dad (who is obviously recording the whole thing, as any good-natured parent would do) and asks "Can you help me, daddy?" Awww! Seriously, doesn't her cute little kid voice just make your heart melt?

Her dad pushes her to try one more time and Lyla gamely does, trying to drink the water a few more times without any results.  Eventually, though, even her father can't take the adorableness anymore and he puts down the camera to help her.    

The entire thing is just irresistibly hysterical. Watch Lyla's adorable attempts at working a fountain here:

Image via YouTube

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