The Voice returned for another set of blind auditions tonight and as expected, round four  included a lot of good-natured bickering between the judges and a few truly amazing acts! But while almost every competing vocalist blew me--and the coaches--away, there were a handful of contestants that stood out from the rest of the pack.

Patrick Dodd showed off his raspy, rock-and-roll style with an amazing rendition of "Walking in Memphis." Though it looked like no one was going to push their button for a second, at the very last minute, judges Shakira and Adam Levine turned their chairs around. Shakira pulled out all the stops to try and convince him to join her team, even warning him  to "never underestimate a 5'2" Colombian girl." Haha! Unfortunately, her antics didnt work--he ended up choosing Levine as his coach.

Agina Alvarez, who had previously auditioned in a prior season of The Voice, returned to the stage, bravely taking on Shakira's song "Beautiful Liar." But though Shaki herself didn't push her button, Levine did and Alvarez ended up on Team Adam.

By far my favorite performance of the night however was the last contestant to take the stage, 17-year-old Savannah Berry.  Berry took on Taylor Swift's "Safe and Sound" and nailed it. Her rendition of the song got three of the four coaches to turn their chairs around. Though the arguments between Levine, Shakira and Blake Shelton got heated--Shakira even called Levine and Shelton "deaf" and "jaded"--Berry ended up sticking with her country roots and picking Shelton.

Next week marks the last batch of blind auditions before contestants move on to the battle rounds. And with such talented vocalists being featured this year, I can't wait to see all of them go head-to-head in the next few weeks. One thing's for sure: this competition is about to get very intense!

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