The new season of The Voice kicked off this week and though the contestants so far have been pretty amazing, everyone seems to have all eyes on new coaches Shakira and Usher!

After NBC first announced that Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green were being replaced by these two for the spring season, fans expressed some very mixed opinions. Some were thrilled to see a change, while others…well, not so much. So by the time the premiere finally rolled around on Monday, it seemed like all viewers only had one question in mind: Will Shaki and Usher be able to cut it?

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I've watched all the seasons so far and though I do miss the former coaches at time, I personally don't mind seeing some new faces on the team. However, there are some blatantly obvious differences in coaching styles, particularly between the two ladies of the show, Aguilera and Shakira. So which of these two female superstars is the better 'Voice' judge? Read on and decide for yourself!

  1. Pushing their buttons: From what I can tell, Shakira seems to be much more careful when it comes to deciding whether to turn her chair around. There have been multiple times when it looks like she's just about to do so and then the song ends before she can do so. Xtina was choosy about the contestants, but when someone's voice did capture her interest, she was usually quick to hit her button.
  2. Convincing contestants to join their team:  They both love to play the I'm-the-only-female card, but Aguilera is more technical, often pointing out a vocalist's runs or specific notes. Meanwhile, Shakira seems to care more about the emotions they put into the song.  
  3. Vibing with the other coaches: Both Aguilera and Shakira are sassy and love to tease the other coaches. But whereas Aguilera has been criticized in the past for being too snappy and critical, Shakira tends to keep things more lighthearted.
  4. Fashion: Fans could always count on Xtina to wear something outrageous and over-the-top , whether it was a pink fro or revealing corset. Shakira is way, way less dramatic with her outfit choices, opting for black, sparkly and simple, even while taking the stage with the other coaches.
  5. Coaching: The blind auditions aren't over so we have yet to see Shakira actually work with any of her team. My prediction though? Whereas Aguilera would often sing while rehearsing with team members to exemplify a point, Shaki will be more about discussing the song choice and the contestant's personal connection to it.

It's still too early to tell who makes for the better mentor and even though they are different in so many ways, I honestly don't know if I'll ever be able to decide. I'm a fan of them both and think that they bring totally unique perspectives to the show. For now, I just can't wait to see what Shakira will bring to the table the rest of this season!

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Add Comment Who do you think is the better 'Voice' coach: Shakira or Christina?
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Add Comment Who do you think is the better 'Voice' coach: Shakira or Christina?

Miss Christina.
Personnally I prefer Shakira. Xtina is too much into herself. Will see how good Shakaria coaches each one. She is a lot funnier and more entertaining too.
Christina is ,as well as Cilo, not the same
nonmember avatar
Oh PLEASE..Why ask. Shakira hands down.
Shakira is awesome. I love how she just appears to be a normal person and doesn't dress racy. She pays attention to the emotion and feeling they convey while s with the quality of their voice. Hope she stays. She's much better the Christina. I also love Usher. The VOICE is he BEST!!!!

definitely Christina - Shakira can't seem to make a decision "what do i do" - please just make a decision...Christina is so much better - not saying Shakira isnt talented, but Christina is more well rounded.  Just because Shakira can sing, doesnt mean she will make a good coach.

It is too early to tell. Wait until they start mentoring their choices and we'll see.
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Shakira, much more down to earth, and likeable, and over the top outfits..
Christina is alot better
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