'The Voice:' Shakira embraces her country side & a contestant auditions in Spanish! (VIDEO)

Tonight on The Voice, a second round of singers hit the stage for their blind auditions. And while there were several talented performers who were able to land a spot on a coach's team, there were a select few that really caught my eye.

So which contestants really shone in tonight's episode?


19-year-old Latina contestant Cathia made one of the boldest moves of the night, becoming the second person to ever sing a song entirely in Spanish for her audition...and it paid off! Usher, Shakira, and Blake Shelton all turned out for the young vocalist and even gave her a standing ovation! I was so happy to see Shaki hit her button for her---I mean, could there be a more perfect match?! Luckily, Cathia thought so too and decided to became a member Team Shakira.

And that wasn't Shakira's only win of the night. The superstar also embraced her country side, swaying Nashville singer Tawnya Reynolds to join her team above those of Usher and Adam Levine. Pretty impressive, especially considering Shelton, the only country singing coach of the group, tried to convince Tawyna to pick Usher to no avail.

Another unforgettable moment? Distinctive duo Midas Whale gave a unique and totally one-of-a-kind folk performance that I LOVED--and I wasn't the only one. Their rendition got all four couches to hit their buttons and turn their chairs around! To make their audition even more memorable, the duo broke out in Spanish while speaking to judge Shakira! Talk about unexpected! But despite their bond over the language, Midas Whale decided to join Team Adam.

Wow! I think I enjoyed tonight's auditions even more than yesterdays, simply because they were so varied and diverse. I hope we get to see more vocalists step out of the box next week too!

Image via NBC

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