Tonight's episode of Revenge, "Victory" definitely took me by surprise. I understood that Emily's foster brother Eli showing up to the Hamptons wasn't going to be a good thing from the start, but I really had NO idea  all the secrets he was going to suddenly spill out with his arrival. Secrets even Emily Thorne herself didn't know about.

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It's was clear from the beginning that Eli came to the Hamptons with an agenda. Whether it was to really side with Emily or not was the true questions, because this one is clearly no faux Amanda. Last episode he figured out that Emily was in fact the real Amanda Clarke after a few tense encounters, but promised he wouldn't reveal her identity. And luckily for Emily she never tells him the purpose behind her whole identity switch, because he definitely had some plans under sleeves.

Long story short, Eli was trying to buy the Grayson by heavily participating in the Amanda Clarke charity. He even gets Amanda's old foster care mom (who used to torture them) to head over to the Hamptons to participate. But later completely blows her spot about all the abuse she put not just Amanda through, but all her foster care kids. The Graysons no longer want anything to do with him and Emily finds out he's the one that really lit the fire in their foster home and put the blame on her which is why she spent so many years away at juvie. Ugh. But he later reveals that he planned the whole thing to expose the foster mom who had hidden letters David Clarke had written to his daughter for years. He gives her one of the letter's but finds out the rest were sold to who other than Mason Treadwell. Of course, right?

Meanwhile, Nolan is still trying to help Padma track down her father. The initiative claims all they want is the Carrion program. Padma finds a video clip that might indicate that her father is still alive, so Aiden says the only way to keep Padma and her father safe from the initiative is to send them away with new identities. They make a plan to put Padma face to face with the initiative to get her father back, but things don't go as planned. Instead the initiative gets Carrion and kidnaps Padma. And all because Nolan refused to let Aiden shoot the initiative when he had the chance. Geez.

Daniel knows his parents are trying to take Aiden down so he meets up with Emily over lunch to let her know what's going on. He tells her he doesn't know exactly what they have under their sleeves, just to take Aiden down. Little did he know someone was going to catch them on their private meeting and snap a picture of them. Who was it? I guess that's for us to find out next episode.

And I have to say I'm kind of sad about what Amanda's death has done to poor Jack. He's convinced the Grayson's had something to do with it and he's tired of everyone's lies. Can you blame the poor guy? Nolan didn't want him to know that he was actually the one that saved him from the incident so he suggested it was Kenny Ryan. So Jack meets with Kenny to find out why Nate did what he did. He says he doesn't know but whatever happened Conrad was definitely behind it. So now that Jack knows Conrad was behind the whole thing he has some plans of getting a little Revenge of his own. This can't be good.

This episode was a little all over the place for me. The only thing I'm hoping to see now is Emily finally focused and back to plotting Revenge against the Graysons. Because after all, isn't that the whole point?

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