Chiquis Marin is NOT interested in filming a movie about her mother's life

Representatives for Janney "Chiquis" Marin, Jenni Rivera's oldest daughter, have been in conversations with producer Francisco Joel Mendoza, but the negotiations for Chiquis to play her mother in an upcoming film about the late Diva de la Banda are at a standstill after she completely rejected the idea of traveling to Mexico to film. Meanwhile, Jenni's sister, Rosie and brother Lupillo Rivera, have gone head to head with the media about how the project needs to be handled.

The Rivera family and Jenni, more than any other celebs, really have her fans and all of us used to airing their dirty laundry and disputes right out in public, on Twitter and social media many times. But I'm honestly reaching a point where I'm a bit embarrassed for them about all the back and forth surrounding this project. Why don't they all just agree on something and THEN tell her fans?


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Producer Mendoza explained to Mexican TV show No lo cuentes, that he "had contact with someone who's representing [Chiquis] and they told us, 'We're not interested in going to Mexico,' " in reference to the possibility that Chiquis would be starring as her mother Jenni in the film. "I feel like her tone is a little uptight," the producer also said.

Lupillo, who even three months after Jenni's death still has to fight back tears when he talks about his late sister, said that for his part he wants a movie to be made Hollywood style. "As opposed to what my family wants," he said, "I'd love for this movie to be made by a big company, without our involvement. We're not actors and it should be produced correctly."

When speaking of the different actresses who are in the running to play his sister, Lupillo himself showed his preference: When he heard renowned Mexican actress Angélica Vale's name, he simply said, "Wow!"

Nevertheless, sister Rosie, who is managing Jenni's business affairs after her death tweeted last night: "Jenni's kids and family will produce the movie with honor, truth, and the quality that it deserves." Obviously in direct contrast to what her brother Lupillo had said in Mexico earlier this week.

Okay, I know no one has asked me, but I'm still going to tell you all what I think: Lupillo is right. The Riveras are great with their music, but why are they going to embark in an industry they know nothing about? Maybe it's best if they leave the movie to people who actually know about film. I would love to see a small, raw independent film in Spanish or bilingual as Jenni herself was, and then a big studio production out of Hollywood--groundbreaking, sort of like Selena the movie was. I would absolutely go see both!

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