'The Voice:' Christina Aguilera defends Shakira! (VIDEO)

The Voice premiere is less than a week away! But though fans are eagerly waiting to see what new coaches Shakira and Usher will bring to the table, it looks like they're not the only ones. Former coach Christina Aguilera recently took to Twitter to show some support for her fellow Latina judge!  

"Know how u boys can get @adamlevine @blakeshelton so watch locker room humor & treat @shakira like lady she is on new #TheVoice. #girlpower," she tweeted.

Haha! How cute is that?! I love that she's stepping up for Shaki against the veteran male coaches. With both of them the only female judges on their respective seasons, I'm sure that they can relate to each other with their experiences on the show--especially since the guys they're competing against are known jokesters!


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Shakira responded to Xtina's supportive words, writing "Thanks for looking out @xtina! Shak #TheVoice." Aw…I feel a newfound friendship coming on! How awesome would it be if Aguilera (who is expected to return to the show for its fifth season) came back to The Voice for an episode and these two did a duet?! I can only imagine the hysteria that performance would cause.

But while I'm sure Aguilera's encouragement means a lot to Shakira, it seems like the singer is already feeling pretty confident when it comes to taking on her new role. In a new interview shot backstage on her and Usher's first day on the job, Shaki made it clear she's in it to win it. In fact, when Voice correspondent Christina Milian asked the two of them who they think will win, she pointed to herself (mimicking co-star Blake Shelton's signature move) and said "Why not?"

Well, it definitely looks like we're in for one competitive season! Personally, I can't wait to see how it all plays out.  

Check out Shakira and Usher's first day on the show below:

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