This screaming flower girl is over weddings, will make you laugh!

Although the bride and groom are the stars of their own wedding, often times the flower girl or ring bearer steal the show. Take for instance the flower girl in this video who became the center of attention after she appeared running down the aisle screaming and crying.

Guests appear shocked by her sudden outburst, but our main concern is that the bride isn't offended by her out-of-control flower girl. Sounds like she has a case of cold feet and she's not even the one getting married!


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Weddings can be both stressful and joyous--and this child expressed what the bride and groom are probably feeling at that moment! In the video, the pint sized wedding party member comes out crying and screaming as she barrels down the aisle and into the arms of a bridesmaid. The guests look on in confusion and some in amusement by the child's reaction.

Hmmm ... perhaps she's opposed to the union and was saving the priest the trouble of asking if anyone objects to the marriage? It could have also been that she was upset that she wanted to be the ring bearer instead! Who knows, all we can say is that she is hilarious and we hope she doesn't pull the same stunt at her wedding. Aw!

Without further ado enjoy the video of this tot putting on a show at this wedding. We're sure the guests will never forget this hilarious moment for as long as they live. Hopefully her mom consoled the poor little girl after her fit down the aisle!

Image via YouTube

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