SNL introduces "NuvaBling" in birth control spoof that will make you laugh out loud (VIDEO)

We've all seen (and rolled our eyes at) those horribly cheesy commercials for birth control that only seem to only be getting increasingly ridiculous with each passing year. But those ads have nothing on the hilarious fake promo SNL recently created introducing NuvaBling, a sparkly contraceptive device that is equal parts painful and protective.


In the latest episode featuring Justin Timberlake and a ton of other celebs, SNL took a break from the star-studded festivities to poke fun at the world's most cringe-inducing birth control ads by making one of their own. Enter NuvaBling, the first ever diamond encrusted contraceptive that offers 70 percent protection against pregnancy, but is 100 percent effective at "getting dat swag on."

"Looking for a birth control that's as sexy as you?" the announcer in the commercial reads. "NuvaBling provides a low dose of hormons and a mega dose of faboosh."

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Oh, and to add to its "fierceness," the ad also reveals that users can customize the NuvaBling with charms and re-use it as actual jewelry.  

HAHA!  How great is that?! It might be totally made-up, but you have to admit that between the corny lines and overly cheery actresses, this NuvaBling ad is still a pretty accurate interpretation of actual birth control commercials ... except, of course, that it's a million times funnier.

Watch the spoof for yourself below:

Image via NBC

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