"Evolution of Mom Dancing" with Michelle Obama is hilarious, but mamás Latinas can move better! (VIDEO)

On Friday's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, one of the guests happened to be the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, who was on the show to celebrate the third anniversary of her healthy kids campaign Let's Move and to encourage parents to be active with their kids.

In true Ms. Obama style, she got down with Fallon for a hilarious segment illustrating the evolution of how real moms move--and the results are to-die-for.


First Lady Obama, dressed in super cute black capris and a green top, danced alongside Fallon, who was dressed up to look like a "normal" mom in a blond long-haired wig, khaki pants, and pink cardigan. The routine--which was announced as being in honor of the third anniversary of the campaign and to "encourage parents everywhere to get up and get moving"--went through some typical "mom" dances, like the "Go Shopping, Get Groceries," the "Hands Only Part of Single Ladies," and the hysterical "Where's Your Father? (Get Him Back Here!)." I can totally see myself dancing to this last one soon when my son is older!

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The skit is hilarious, and truly proves that the First Lady has a great sense of humor. The one thing though: While the "mom" dancing was supposed to be lackluster and probably off-beat, Ms. Obama was actually a pretty great dancer, and her attempts to do an "out of sync Electric Slide" miserably failed when she did a pretty awesome Electric Slide. And I'm sure many of us mamás Latinas would probably NOT be getting down to many of these "mom" dances anytime soon. Me, however, I'm a different story!

My husband teases me constantly because I'm probably the one Colombian he knows who can't dance. I honestly have no rhythm, even though I try. So maybe this "mom" dancing applies to me, but I'm sure many of you out there can boogie like the best of them! But whether you're rhythm-deficient, like me, or you were born knowing how to merengue like a pro, the message to the First Lady's campaign holds true: we should get up and get moving with our kids!

For now, enjoy the clip below and make sure you watch to the end for Ms. Obama's solo finale--it's perfection.

Image via YouTube

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