Jenni Rivera's daughter, Chiquis, admits she never made up with her mom before her death

It's been a little over two months since Jenni Rivera died in the fatal plane crash that left fans and family shocked. Yesterday, in a special program called Simplemente Jenni (Simply Jenni), hosted by Don Francisco and broadcast on Univision, the Rivera family broke their silence and spoke about the la Diva de la Banda, her legacy, and how much they miss her.

One of the most moving moments was when her youngest, little Johnny, could not speak and began to cry. Watching him made me realize just how tough her loss is, especially for a child who just turned 12.


Rivera's brothers, Lupillo, Gustavo, and Juan talked about how much they miss the Banda star. Juan had the courage to speak about the gratitude he feels towards the media yet said how much it hurt him when some media outlets tied her to drug traffickers.

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Her sister Rosie spoke of the tremendous responsibility they feel to be executor of Rivera's estate. "It's difficult because I want to do what's best for my sister and best for her children. She left everything very clear. She took good care of her children and if I manage money properly, then her grandchildren. Everything was left in order."

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Without a doubt, the highlight of the show were the statements made by Chiquis, Rivera's daughter, who besides announcing she wanted to become an actress, confessed she never made up with her mother before her untimely death and after all the scandals surrounding their relationship. 

Although Chiquis insists that she feels at peace with itself and has no grudge against her mother. Chiquis spoke about their close relationship--almost like sisters. "We separated by just 15 years. We grew up together," she said.

"I got to talk to her before she died.  I sent an e-mail on Thanksgiving and my aunt Rosie said she was happy. We were going to get together at Christmas but that never happened ... I told her I love her, I missed and I wanted to see her. I have a lot of peace in my heart and I talk to her every day." So even though it seemed like they had reconciled, it seems it never happened.

We hope the family and especially Chiquis though are coming to terms with Rivera's death as time goes on. Our hearts still go out to them, and especially her kids.

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