Watch this hilarious penguin conquer his fear of diving! (VIDEO)

It's hard to recover after a long holiday weekend. If you're experiencing an afternoon slump post-President's Day like I am, I have the perfect antidote--the hilarious video below, which stars an adorable but cowardly penguin! Trust me, watching it will definitely bring a smile to your face.

In the clip, a cute penguin stands at the edge of a diving board at a zoo and looks into the water where some of his friends are swimming. But every time it seems like he's about to take the plunge, the poor little guy chickens out, turns around and runs back off the diving board. Aww!


He makes several attempts in which he makes it thisclose to jumping off before ultimately deciding to return to the landing where he's safely away from the water. The best part though is that you can practically tell what he's thinking every time he gets back on the diving board: "I can do this. I just need to jump. I'm gonna do it now. One ... two ... nope, I can't do it!" Haha! Well, I guess I can't really blame him. Diving CAN be scary.

On his fifth or sixth attempt however, the penguin gets a little too close to the end of the board and well, you can probably guess what happens next.

Watch this penguin attempt to conquer his fear thing here:

Image via YouTube

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