Dear Sofia Vergara: You've finally gone too far in oversexualizing us Latinas & I am no longer a fan

Dear Sofia Vergara,

First of all, I would just like to tell you that I am a huge fan of your story. I love that a girl from Colombia with a thick accent has been able to break through in Hollywood. That hasn't been very easy for Latinas, and I really appreciate everything that you bring to the small screen as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family. Your character is one of the main reasons why I love the show. Did I also mention that you're gorgeous and funny in a world where very few women have comedic roles? I love that.

However, I have to be honest. In light of your recent inflammatory comments about what all of us Latinas are like, I have to break up with you.


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In an article titled "Sofia Vergara admits she loves being typecast as a Latina sex symbol", I was shocked to read that not only do you love to play over-the-top loud, voluptuous, and over-sexualized Gloria but you also think that every single Latina woman is exactly like that. I don't know about you, but I have met my share of Latinas over the years and, while many of us (myself included) ARE a little bit of a stereotype, there are plenty of Latinas who are far from loud, curvy girls who always have to dress like it's the last day on Earth that they'll get to show off their physical goodies.

In case you can't quite remember, this is what you told the Daily Express:

Latina characters are usually sexy and voluptuous on screen, but then that's just how Latin women are. If you see a doctor or a dentist in Colombia or Venezuela, they look like me. It's true. They're all voluptuous and they all dress up sexy. We don't see it as a bad thing that the world sees us like that because it's how we are.

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One of the things that appalls me about your comment the most is that YOU are NOT completely the Latina stereotype. If we really look at it, the perception in Hollywood is that Latin women are all loud, curvy, tan-skilled with dark hair. Do I really have to remind you that you're a natural blond who had to dye her hair in order to get work? I mean, you've got the curves and aren't afraid to show them--but even you're not 100 percent the "Latin woman" that we are pressured into believing is the only one out there.

It's hard to deny that your role in the #1 sitcom in the U.S. has opened a lot of doors. We won't fully know the effects of having a likeable Latina main character on a major TV show for years, but I really wish that you were doing more with the power that you have been given. If you are truly our generation's Latina voice, then why not do something a little better with your power?

Instead of making young Latina women who are NOT voluptuous, loud, super-sexy or brunette feel like failures, I want you to remember how difficult it was for you to break out into stardom and start fighting stereotypes. Just try to keep in mind that even if you're the essence of a Latina stereotype, one of the best things about us is that we come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When you actually begin to acknowledge that, well, then maybe that's when we can talk about me supporting you once more. But for now, I just can't keep on being okay with you putting the rest of us in your box.

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