'Revenge' recap: A honeymoon gone bad leads to Amanda's death

There's never a boring episode on ABC's Revenge. And tonight "Sacrifice" proved to not be any exception. Last week's episode was quite emotional with Jack and Amanda's wedding as it reminded Emily of what she could have had. But tonight was all about threats and payback.


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Jack and Amanda sail away on a boat to celebrate their honeymoon completely unaware of the fact that Nate has a plot planned out. Meanwhile the Graysons are covering up Victoria murdering Helen who came to her home threatening to harm Daniel. After discovering that Conrad had given Jack money to own half of the Stowaway, Emily immediately writes Amanda a check to buy it back.  Amanda goes to Conrad with the check threatening him with videos from Emily's laptop to give Jack his bar back.

Victoria tries to persuade Daniel to help Amanda look worst to the initiative so the murder would be blamed on her. After sailing away, Jack and Amanda soon reliaze they have an unexpected guest on the boat—Nate. Nate plans to kill them after Conrad did a 180 on their plans due to Amanda's threat. Emily and Nolan learn that Nate has hijacked the couple's honeymoon's plans and quickly rush on a boat to save them.

Earlier in the episode, Nolan called Padma and explains to her that he knew about her plans all along. He finds out she's been in touch with the initiative because they'd had her father hostage. As he heads out with Emily to go find Jack and Amanda, he calls Padma to tell her that she's now being left in Aiden's hands. He explains to her that the same people who took her father also killed Aiden's sister.

Amanda tries attacking Nate on the roof of the boat, while Jack is inside and finds the labtop and watches the footage. He hears Amanda telling Nate to not get Jack involved, that's she's only been with him in her plans to seek revenge against the Graysons. At first Jack comes out upset and turns against her. But she explains to him that she really loves him and after Nate shoots Jack in the chest she reaches for a life raft to bring Jack to safety.

Someone else from the initiative confronts Conrad and Victoria over Helen's death. But the two try to shift the blame to Amanda.  Amanda and Nolan find Jack on a lifeboat. He's still alive but in critical condition, so Emily orders Nolan to get him to a hospital while she goes back to rescue Amanda. Amanda and Emily struggle to fight with Nate. Water starts to fill the boat and gas starts to leak and just when the two were about to jump to a life raft, Amanda goes back to reach for her necklace. A necklace Emily gave her back in juvi. Then suddenly Nate lights a match causing the boat to explode. Emily and Amanda jump overboard but Amanda is dying. Emily grabs on to her on the life raft and starts to hysterically cry and thinks back to when they first became friends. She also promises Amanda to watch after her baby.

I feel like tonight really showed a different side of Emily. She has proven over the past few episodes that she really does love and care for Amanda, but this is the first time we actually heard her say it. Her plots are starting to affect all of those she loves. I'm curious to see if Amanda's death will give her a change in heart or more reason for revenge.

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