Jenni Rivera's youngest son Johnny celebrates his 12th birthday without his mom (VIDEO)

Jenni Rivera's youngest son, Johnny Angel Lopez, celebrated his 12th birthday this week, just a few days after the day that marked the second month since his mamá's passing. I can't even imagine his pain while celebrating his first birthday without his mom--but as the video recording the celebration his paternal grandmother did for him showed, he gave his anger and outlet as he pummeled a piñata.

Little Johnny, who dreams with someday becoming a film director and loves science fiction movies, especially zombie ones, published the video on YouTube and promoted it through his Twitter and Instagram accounts. "The way to take a zombie down (piñata practice)," he wrote.


This is the second time that the youngest of la Diva de la Banda's children shows us how he gives his anger an outlet through somewhat violent acts. The first time we saw this was after Jenni's separation from Esteban Loaiza, who little Johnny viewed as a father.

Meanwhile, the family and Loaiza are still trying to figure out what do to with Jenni's estate, and investigators in Mexico are still determining the real cause of the plane accident that caused the singer's death shortly after the small vessel crashed on its way to Mexico City from Monterrey.

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Jenni Rivera's legacy was honored at last weekend's Grammy Awards, when her image appeared along with other famed musicians who passed away in the past year. When I saw that image flash on the screen, I couldn't help but this how young she was when she died, and the magnitude of that loss seemed more real than ever.

If I felt like that just seeing her honored at the Grammys, I can't even imagine what Johnny must be going through. Although the one bright spot in all this is seeing how his siblings and family have really come together to care for him and oversee everything in his life. Despite it all, life has to be celebrated. So, happy belated birthday Johnny! And to many more!

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