Shakira & baby Milan cheer on dad Gerard Pique!

Looks like Shakira is embracing motherhood with wide open arms! Just a week after she officially introduced little Milan to the world, the singer took her new baby out for their first public mother-son outing.


On Sunday, the happy duo went to see Milan's soccer star dad, Gerard Pique, play with his team, FC Barcelona, at Camp Nou stadium. Shakira documented the occasion with an adorable photo of her carrying the baby in a sling emblazoned with the number three, Pique's jersey number. She later posted the snapshot to Twitter, with the caption, "His first official time going out, in Camp Nou and watches his daddy score!"

Aww, how cute is that! They seem like such a happy little family and I just love how supportive they are of each other. Milan is only a few weeks old and he's already showing up to cheer for his dad at his games. So adorable!

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Plus, I can't get over how amazing Shaki looks. Seriously, this woman gave birth less than a month ago and she already seems to be back to her pre-baby self. How is that even possible?! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised is Shakira we're talking about here.

I'm just happy that she seems to be taking to mommyhood so quickly. Not that I ever had any doubts that she and Gerard would make great parents. In fact, Milan is too young to realize it now but he is definitely one lucky little boy! I mean, he's not even 4 weeks old and already, he's been to a professional soccer game. Pretty cool, if you ask me.  I wonder if Shakira will also bring him to the set of The Voice now that she's a judge? I bet he would look adorable sitting in one of those big, red chairs!  

Image via Shakira/Twitter

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