Sneaky 3-year-old has no idea how sprinkles got on his face, honest!

Kids sometimes think they can outsmart their parents, but not in 3-year-old John Boarman's case! The smart aleck thought he could get away with sneaking a treat while his mom, 25-year-old Erica, was out of the room.

In the hilarious video, John vehemently denies having eaten a treat as his mom repeatedly asks him if he ate some Christmas cake sprinkles. The funny part is that while he lies to his mom, he totally forgot to clean up the evidence all over his face and is caught red handed.


I remember as a kid always spoiling my appetite before dinner because I would sneak in snacks behind my mother's back. She was too smart for me though, because she always knew what I was trying to get away with. That's why when I saw little John try to pull the wool over his mother's eyes I couldn't help but laugh!

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The stay-at-home mom told the Associated Press that she had left John in the kitchen to play with fridge magnets while she went to see his 8-month-old sister in another room. Upon returning to the kitchen she saw John had red sprinkles smeared all over his face hinting that he had eaten a tube of Christmas cake decorations while she had turned her back.

The mom recorded John denying his crime even though the red sprinkles gave him away, and it's irresistibly cute! Check out the video below, but we certainly hope that John learned that telling the truth is important and lying is a bad thing.    

Image via YouTube

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