5 Hysterical videos that will make you want to be a kid again (VIDEOS)

Nothing beats watching a little kid's reaction to something new. Take, for example, the hilarious little boy in the video below whose mind is just BLOWN by a ball machine toy!

The minute the toy turns on, his face morphs into a hysterical look expressing a wide range of complex emotions: disbelief, shock, amazement, and even sometimes fear! It's absolutely priceless. You can just tell he's wondering what kind of magic is making the machine work.

And he's not the only young child to be mesmerized by an otherwise ordinary object. Below, check out five videos that illustrate childhood wonder at it's best:


1. This little boy just can't get enough of his ball machine toy!


2. Adorable little Madeleine is fascinated and delighted by trains. (Listen closely to hear her exclaim "Oh my goodness!" in the cutest voice ever.)

3. This cute little baby thinks cooking--an ordinary, everyday activity, for most people--is just hilarious! I promise his giggle will make your heart melt.

4. When this baby sees her dog eating popcorn, she dissolves into uncontrollable laughter that is so infectious, it'll have you smiling too!

5. Check out this little cutie's adorable reaction when she discovers a musical greeting card.

 Image via YouTube