'Modern Family' Recap: The dads learn the importance of their sons' love

Tonight's Modern Family had the guys understanding the importance of being a dad. Jay took a day to teach Phil how to golf and he got a surprise as Mitchell and his friend Pepper showed up on the course. Cameron meanwhile prepared for the Phantom of the Opera school play he directed and Gloria leaves Fulgencio in the care of Claire as she runs errands.

What they all learned was rather interesting and heartwarming....



It was funny seeing Claire acting out of character as she was worried about what life would be like without her, all the while ignoring the fact that Hayley and her boyfriend were babysitting Fulgencio and Lily successfully.

Mitch meanwhile had planned on golfing against his dad but pretended to bump into him while he was with Pepper. Mitch thinks this is the perfect moment to prove to his dad that he is good at sports after practicing golfing for six months. He expects to see Jay insult and lose his cool during the games, but he is unaware that Jay has been learning to have patience since the birth of Fulgencio.

Cameron meanwhile was freaking out that his lead role for the play had fallen sick and he didn't have a proper understudy. That is until he heard Luke singing the play's songs perfectly and asked him to take over the role. Manny was bummed because originally he wanted to be the understudy, but accepted that his cousin was a better singer than he was.

In another storyline, Gloria had grabbed Alex to help her run errands around the town and ended up taking her to her psychich who told Alex that she would meet a man on a white horse like a knight. Of course, she didn't believe a word, but didn't have the heart to tell Gloria that her psychic was a fake and decided to play along with it.

Back at home Hayley toys with the idea of settling down and having babies with her boyfriend who has a natural knack for children, but result in a fight which eliminates that thought from her mind.

Jay, Phil, Mitch, and Pepper all have a heart to heart on the golf course and realize how important the presense of their fathers and kids are in their lives. Phil, who originally was planning on missing Luke's big play appearance for a house showing, cancels and goes to the show instead. Much like when he was a kid, he realizes that Luke too has his talent and gets emotional during the show.  And there may have been some truth behind the psychic's prediction because Alex meets a guy who resembles who she described. 

I can't wait to see where else Alex's storyline goes, because I've been anticipating seeing her with her first boyfriend, But it's great to see the guys bonding and getting along so well!

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