Adorable baby can sleep through anything except this song! (VIDEO)

As most moms and dads know, waking a baby up after they've been sleeping in their car seat can be a daunting and difficult task. But the parents of little Amaya definitely don't have that problem!  As can be seen in the clip below, all they have to do is play her favorite song and the adorable toddler is wide awake.

So which tune gets Amaya to open her eyes every single time it comes on? Check out the video after the jump to find out—I promise it's the funniest one you'll see all week!


In the clip, which was posted to Reddit and has quickly gone viral, Amaya instantly wakes up upon hearing….Gangnam Style! That's right. Psy's hit single, which has already taken the adult world by storm, apparently enchants toddlers too!

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The video starts off by showing Amaya fast asleep in her car seat. Her parents and older sister crowd around her in an obviously planned attempt to catch her reaction on tape. Soon, he song comes through the speakers and BAM! Amaya opens her eyes and immediately starts dancing spastically to the beat.

Haha, hilarious! I was literally laughing out loud while watching this clip. How can you not? It's priceless…not to mention, by far the best reaction I've ever seen to Gangnam Style! What is it about that song anyway? It seems to hypnotize every single baby out there.

Watch the whole thing for yourself below:

Image via YouTube

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