Family dog overshadows baby's first steps by leaving a not so pleasant surprise!

Every mommy and daddy looks forward to their baby's firsts. The moment is always super exciting and special because I'm sure it's absolutely amazing to see your baby doing something so important on his own.

This brings me to a video of a baby girl taking her first steps--except it doesn't end as pleasantly as you would think. Instead the family dog steals the spotlight in a rather hilarious way!


As a huge animal lover, I was focused on the dog during the video because it's an adorable Boston Terrier. But what he did during such a momentous milestone was not so cute, to say the least. It was actually so downright funny that I had to watch the video a few times!

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Sorry moms and dads, your babies may bring excitement with their first steps and all, but the dog in this video reminds you who the real "baby" of the house is. And he did so by overshadowing this baby's first steps by pooping in the middle of the carpet! As gross as it may sound, you can't help but laugh at how perfectly timed his accident was.

The BAD part about his mistake is what happens afterwards. Believe me you will yell out when you witness it for yourself. Check out the hilarious first steps video below and we warn you…it does get a bit messy.

Image via YouTube

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