Baby basketball prodigy makes unbelievable amount of trick-shots! (VIDEO)

Ladies and gentleman, I think we've found the NBA's future MVP. Meet Titus, a 2-year-old boy who can throw some UNBELIEVABLE basketball shots, and manages to sink the shot. Every. Single. Time.

Seriously, it has to be seen to be believed. 


Little Titus might be young but he has some serious skills when it comes to making baskets. According to the YouTube description, he began playing shortly after learning to walk and has been dunking ever since! Maaaan, talk about an athletic prodigy.

The video begins with Titus at about 18 months old and shows him making amazing shots from all kinds of ridiculous angles—from the top of the stairs, behind the basket, and even over the heads of his older (and taller) siblings.  Did I mention that he's only two?

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What an awesome talent! This kid would demolish me in a game of one-on-one. Granted, I have always been athletically challenged but even if I wasn't, I'm pretty sure Titus would leave me in his dust.  And he's just a little kid! If he's this good now, just imagine how incredible he'll be when he gets older.  The NBA better keep an eye on him!

But while Titus' shots are pretty crazy, my favorite part of the video is actually his reaction to his own skill.  It's obvious he has no real idea of how good he actually is because every time he makes a basket, he celebrates by letting out a happy little squeal, "Yes!" and throwing his hands in his air. Aww!

Check it out for yourself below:

Image via YouTube

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