Shakira finally shares first official photo of baby Milan!

The world FINALLY gets to meet Shakira and Gerard Piqué's new baby, Milan! The couple has just released the first official photo of their son and (as expected) the little guy is absolutely, heart-meltingly beautiful. 


The stars shared the adorable picture with all their fans through the United Nations organization UNICEF, for which the two have served as ambassadors for years. In the snapshot, baby Milan lays in Piqué's arms as the proud dad happily kisses his cheek. Is that the cutest thing you've ever seen or what?!

Seriously, what a gorgeous baby! Piqué had recently revealed that the baby took after him when it came to looks and now, looking at this photo, I can definitely see some resemblance. He's just precious! Not that I'm surprised ... after all, he has some pretty great DNA.

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And I love that the photo is capturing such a heartwarming moment between father and son. It's been less than two weeks since Shakira gave birth and it looks like Piqué has already become a very hands-on dad. Hopefully, the next shot will be a family photo because I'm also dying to see Shaki with her new little man. I have no doubt that she's just as devoted a parent as Piqué clearly is!

Now, it just remains to be seen who Milan will take after in personality. Either way, he pretty much has it made--between his parents' generosity (tweeting the picture while still promoting UNICEF? Typical Shaki!), natural charisma and talent, this kid is definitely going to go on to do some BIG things.

Image via Facebook

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