SNEAK PEEK: 5 hilarious Super Bowl 2013 commercials (VIDEOS)

There's one question that every parent has to eventually face but still fears answering: "Where do babies come from?"

Coming up with the perfect respose to that is tricky for even the most open moms and dads. I mean, should you be honest (well, mostly honest) or should you just make something up? In this hilarious Kia commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl, one dad decides to take the latter route and comes up with a hysterically creative answer to his son's inquiry: a planet called Babylandia thats filled with "babies of all kinds!"

HAHA, is that awesome or what? A great response ... that is, until his son challenges his answer and his dad is left to once again think on his feet. Watch what happens below and check out four other funny Super Bowl 2013 commercials, starring parents and their kids:


1. Dad creates "Babylandia" as an answer to the question every parent dreads the most!

2. In this cute Doritos commercial, a little girl reprimands her dog for chewing her toys and stealing her chips. When her parent hands her one last Dorito, she decides to take action to prevent the pooch from taking it!

3. The teen in this car ad is bummed about going to prom without a date ... but all that changes when his dad hands him the keys to his Audi. Suddenly, the night takes a wild turn!

4. This Toyota Rav4 commercial stars actress Kaley Cuoco as a genie. When she shows up on this family's lawn, both parents and their two kids all get to make a wish ... and their requests are pretty hilarious!

5. In this ad for Hyundai Santa Fe, a little boy is turned away by some peers for a game of football and told to go find his own team. So he rounds up his mom and a few friends and returns to the field, more ready to play than ever.

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