Penelope Cruz looks hotter than ever in racy new music video! (VIDEO)

We all know that Penélope Cruz is one gorgeous Latina mom. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen her looking less than stunning. But in a racy new music video, Cruz is turning the heat up even further by stripping down to some super sexy lingerie!


Cruz teamed up with singer Miguel Bosé for a new Spanish duet called "Decirnos Adiós" and the just-released video for the song is already causing some buzz! Why? Well, perhaps because Cruz shows off a lot more than just her singing skills in the clip. In fact, she actually strips down to just a tight, black corset!

At first, the video starts off like that of any typical love song, with Cruz and Bosé wandering around separate hotel rooms looking heartbroken and sad. But at some point, Cruz apparently decides to cheer up because she pours herself a glass of wine and puts on the lacey lingerie. And somehow, she looks even more amazing than usual!  

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Okay, okay, so the whole thing is a little cheesy. I mean, it's all in black-and-white and there's a lot of unnecessary rain. But Cruz looks so HOT that I kind of don't even care and I really doubt anyone else will either.

Plus, how can you not love that kind of bold confidence? She might be a 38-year-old mamá, but she obviously has no qualms about showing off her killer curves. Not that I blame her. If I had her body, I'd probably be stripping down to my underwear too!

Image via YouTube

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