Okay, ladies, it's time to start screaming our joy because it looks like there is going to be a sequel to male stripper hit Magic Mike! WOO HOO!

Matthew McConaughey recently revealed to MTV News that he has been talking to the movie's star Channing Tatum and that a sequel may be far away but that "it's something that's legitimately brewing." The end of the first movie had Mr. Camila Alves taking the hot-hot-hot club from Tampa down to Miami and I personally can't WAIT to see how the Miami heat takes to all of those insanely sexy abs. Plus, I'm seriously praying that Puerto Rican-Cuban dreamboat Adam Rodriguez will be back AND that he'll be joined by these 5 hot Latino stars who we're really wishing will appear in Magic Mike 2! Can we all just say it right now: YES!!!

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7 Hot Latinos who should join Adam Rodriguez in 'Magic Mike' sequel

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William Levy

No movie featuring hot guys with rockin' abs would be complete without the appearance of this Cuban hottie. Perhaps he can even take Channing Tatum's lead role? I mean, YUM!

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Add Comment What hot Latino superstar would you like to see in the potential 'Magic Mike' sequel?


Lmao come Bruno Mars.....Seriously...!! Mmmmm yum yum yum I would love to see LAZ ALONSO.....

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