Adorable pit bull puppy can't wait to grow up & play with the big dogs! (VIDEO)

Needing a good laugh right about now? Look no further 'cause I've got a video that is sure to put a smile on your face--and it stars an adorable little pit bull puppy named Bandit!

Bandit is currently being looked after by Peace, Love and Pitbulls, an organization dedicated to reducing the number of pit bull in shelters. Part of the group's care involves making sure the pooches get plenty of exercise, which they do by having the adult canines walk on treadmills. But as can be seen in this hilarious clip, little Bandit seems to think he is ready to run with the big dogs!


In the video, it's clear that the eager little guy is more than ready to grow up and hit that treadmill. So much so that he won't let anything stop him--even the much larger pit bull that is already using the machine! As the adult dog takes his turn on the treadmill, Bandit is so desperate to try it for himself that he climbs over the front and drops himself on the moving belt. Unfortunately for him, though, his little legs are too small to keep up with the motion and he quickly slides off the other end.

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EEK, how cute is that?! Seriously, that is one determined pup!  He just refuses to give up. And Bandit's repeated attempts to get on that treadmill had me giggling so much, it actually brought tears to my eyes.

Check Bandit out for yourself below:

Image via YouTube

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