Have you ever wanted to go to a self-defense class to learn how to fend off an attacker? Well lucky for you, a funny dad and his adorable toddler have taken it upon themselves to teach you how...sorta.  In this hysterical clip entitled "How to Fight," father Gavin McInnes gives viewers step-by-step instructions on how to fight off a mugger—a baby mugger, that is!

In the video, the mini-mugger (portrayed by a cute little girl dressed in black clothing and a bandana) "attacks" McInnes with plastic weapons and he demonstrates the best methods of escaping from each one. And though I'm not too sure how helpful his advice would be in real-life, watching it will definitely make you laugh! 

"Try to chop the back of the hand until the knife comes out," he says as the little girl walks out holding a plastic knife. Other useful tips include head-butting the attacker if they're unarmed… or holding a toy gun, as was the case here.

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 Haha! Like I said, this advice probably won't end up saving your life, but it's totally worth it to watch this adorable toddler pretend to be a mugger—especially because she obviously has no real idea of what is going on.  In fact, I think my favorite part of the whole video is the utterly confused look on her face throughout the entire thing!

Watch the complete clip below. Hey, you never know when a baby assailant might come at you!

Image via YouTube

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