Shakira heads home from the hospital with baby Milan (VIDEO)

News from Spain today that Shakira left the hospital Sunday with baby Milan. The Colombian superstar was released five days her January 22 C-section; she made her exit in an SUV with tinted windows, with her brother Tonino once again at the wheel, and her boyfriend Gerard Piqué next to her. Shaki and her entourage tried to evade Spanish press outside the Barcelona hospital where she gave birth, but had no success. They did, however, manage to hide the baby ... so for now it's still a mystery who the little guy looks like!

If Shakira's first night at home with baby Milan is anything like my first night, I feel bad for her. As much help as you may have, the baby is dependent solely on the mom when he's breastfeeding and our debut as mamás without the hospital nurses' help is really a complicated experience.


I wish I was a fly on the wall in Shaki and Piqué's home today. I honestly hope everything went well on her first night--and that she had a better first night with her new baby than I did! (My newborn was sleeping 5 hours straight at the hospital at night, but at home started to wake up every 2-and-a-half hours.)

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I'm sure, though, that Shaki didn't sleep one bit, if she follows doctors' orders to only feed her baby breast milk during the first weeks (and as we all know, newborns wake up every few hours to feed!). I'm sure she has the same tired face we all had during those first few months of having a new baby at home. That, added to how difficult it is to breastfeed at first, and I'm sure we have one exhausted Shaki in Spain right now. Somehow, though, I'm sure our girl is handling it well and with grace.

The one who seems to be made out of steel though is Dad Piqué, who, since his firstborn Milan entered the world, hasn't missed one practice with his team, the Barcelona. Must be those 25 years of age that help him! And, of course, the huge responsibility he must feel toward his teammates.

Now, all that matters is that Shaki has about a month and a half to establish a good routine with little Milan before she has to travel to the U.S. to start her judging duties on The Voice, which starts March 25 on NBC.

I'm sure she'll love the predictable hours of that gig ... But one thing we're wondering, how is it going to work with Piqué? Soccer season is in full gear in Spain. I guess we'll have to see, but knowing Shaki's almost superhuman powers, I'm sure she'll manage.

Congrats to the new mom and dad on bringing their bundle of joy home!

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