Toddler proves that you can be a professional dancer at any age (VIDEO)

Is there ANYTHING cuter than a dancing baby? I don't think so either! That's why I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the adorable video of this 14-month-old baby showing off some of his interpretive dance moves! EEK ... what a cutie!


The hilarity started when Brooklyn-based modern dance choreographer Alexandra Beller decided to bring along her young son, Ivo, to one of her dance rehearsals ... and apparently, it was a very smart move on her part. According to the description on the video, the dancers were working on a piece and needed a little more inspiration when Ivo suddenly started dancing himself. Soon, the dancers began mimicking Ivo's adorable squats and bends--and trust me, the results are hysterical!

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As little Ivo wobbles back and forth on his toes, sits on the floor, and kicks his legs, the dancers repeat everything he's doing. For a little bit, he seems happy (and more than a little confused) to be leading them. But after a while, he seems to get tired and goes back to his mom, as if saying, "Okay, I'm done being the muse. Can these people go copy someone else now?"

Haha! The whole thing is so cute and I love how the baby has no qualms about showing off his moves in front of everybody else. Maybe one day, he'll follow in his mom's footsteps and start his own dancing company too!

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