5 of Jennifer Lopez's best on-screen moments (VIDEOS)

Jennifer Lopez's highly anticipated flick, Parker, is out in theaters today! The movie has garnered tons of buzz since the trailer (which features Lopez stripping down to her underwear!) dropped in October of last year and now fans will finally get a chance to see it. 

In the film, Lopez plays Leslie, a sexy partner-in-crime to a professional thief. But first, she has to earn Parker's (played by Jason Statham) trust before joining forces with him. "Leslie is at the worst moment of her life," Lopez explained to HollywoodLife, something she said she could relate to after going through a divorce from ex, Marc Anthony. 

Personally, I'm pretty excited to see the movie, especially after hearing how great Lopez and Statham are in it!  

But though this may be Lopez's first action film in a while, it's definitely not her only newsworthy movie role. In honor of her big Parker premiere, here are 5 of Lopez's best on-screen moments:


1. In what is probably her most famous role, Jennifer Lopez plays Selena and takes on the singer's famed hit "bidi bidi bom bom."

2. In Mi Familia, Lopez played Maria, a woman who is deported to Mexico and then has to make a long and difficult journey with her son back to the U.S. See the most moving scene starting at minute 8:00.

3. In 1998's Out of Sight, Lopez plays the love interest of George Clooney (is there anyone that the two of them haven't worked with?). This is the infamous scene in which Clooney reclines in a bathtub!

4.  Who could ever forget the final fight scene between Lopez and her abusive husband in Enough?

5. Lopez undergoes a Cinderella-like makeover in the fairy tale-esque film Maid in Manhattan.

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