Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb head into couples therapy to save their upcoming marriage

Uh-oh, is their impending union ALREADY going on the rocks? Reports are saying that Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara and fiance Nick Loeb are currently in couples therapy, trying to work out any issues that they have before tying the knot. Does this mean that the Modern Family star and her businessman beau are possibly heading for a break up? Maybe not, sources say, since the pre-wedding therapy may actually be the BEST thing that ever happened to the lovebirds who were recently caught up in a New Year's Eve nightclub fight that led to Nick being thrown out.


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Whether or not Sofia and Nick's problems are enough to break the couple up, heading into couples therapy before marriage is ALWAYS a good idea, I think. I mean, every couple might have a few things to work out or misconceptions about their impending marriage that it might be safest to talk about with the presence of a professional. And, well, it certainly seems to be working for them! A source told Star magazine, as reported by MSN Entertainment

She decided they needed professional help before she would walk down the aisle. They had their first session over the phone--and so far, so good!

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After their pre-engagement breakup this summer and the New Year's Eve brawl might have definitely put some dents in their relationship. Talking about the issues with a therapist, though, is only going to make their relationship stronger and better prepare them for a lifetime of happiness. Is the marriage going to be perfect? Probably not, because what marriage really is? But being able to talk about your problems like two grown adults, and taking the right steps to solve them, is definitely going to unite the two in sickness and in health and especially in good times and bad.

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