'Modern Family' Recap: Fulgencio Joseph is welcomed into the Pritchett family

Tonight's Modern Family got super colorful after Gloria's mother and sister paid her and Jay a visit from Colombia. Her mom, Pilar played by Elizabeth Peña,and her sister Sonia played by, Stephanie Beatriz, are in town for the new baby's baptism.

The issue with their visit is that Pilar never took a liking to a Jay and keeps insisting on naming the baby Fulgencio Umberto. Jay and Gloria still haven't chosen a name for the child, and clearly this causes quite the uproar....




While Jay deals with his passive aggressive mother-in-law, Cameron and Mitchell deal with teaching Lily about being nice. They've noticed she's been super rude and mean lately that they want to show her that being nice goes a long way. That idea was only good while it lasted as we later learn in the episode.

Phil on the otherhand wants to fix his kids problems and tries to take matters into his own hands--only making things worse. My favorite storyline was definitely Jay and Gloria's family since it is the first time we see him in a vulnerable position.

He realizes in his marriage, he is like Phil, since his in-law is giving him a hard time and hasn't fully accepted him yet. Needless to say he doesn't make things better because at the baby's baptism, he reveals that he originally had eyes for Gloria's sister, Sonia-- who is already envious of her.

Gloria hasn't been used to living the poor lifestyle anymore since marrying rich and you can tell in her interaction with her mom and sister that she is out of touch with reality. Upon learning that Jay originally had an interest in her, Sonia says Gloria is living the life she should be living. The two women quarrel in true Latina sibling rivalry form and make up once Jay cuts in.

He manages to take control of the situation and tells them that he wants them to more a part of the family--even offering his mother-in-law a place to stay with them for whenever she wants to visit.

In the end, the sisters make up and Gloria and Jay decide to compromise and name the baby, Fulgencio Joseph Pritchett. And the rest of the family gets back to normal, despite a strange comedic mafia style twist surrounding Luke and Phil after Luke gets back at his classmates who did him wrong.

I can't wait to see more of Gloria's family and to witness the crazy predicaments they get into. Hmm, perhaps next episode we'll get a glimpse at Gloria's ex-husband? I guess we will have to wait and see!


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