Fans of Jenni Rivera are not allowed to visit her grave

We found out today that Jenni Rivera's grave is off-limits to mourning fans who want to visit her final resting place at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California. According to Mexican daily El Universal, her grave site doesn't have a tombstone yet, but her fans still want to honor her memory by visiting her resting place.

The family is still prepping the tombstone, which will reportedly be as grand as the late singer's life and career, but many fans are outraged that they can't get even a glimpse of their Diva's tomb. And I have to agree with them--fans should be allowed to visit their icon's final resting place.


I know that the family wants their privacy, but Jenni was of the people, and as the Riveras very well know, her fans are loyal. They mourned along with the family during the whole ordeal after the singer's death, the ones who decide to make the trek to the cemetery deserve to at least get to pay their respects, right?

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But the family doesn't see it that way, it seems. "Many people come here to see Jenni's tomb," an unidentified cemetery worker told the Mexican daily, "but since it doesn't have her name yet, they don't know where it is exactly. The lot was about $100,000, and fits about 8 people. The family obviously wants to take care of it," the source added.

Fans who have managed to somehow find the site leave flowers or little trinket of remembrance. Or some of them simply want to take pictures of the grave. "Their only intention is to pray, to give tribute to their idol," the unnamed source said. As one fan said it best: "Jenni belonged to the people and the people want to see where she's resting in peace."

As El Universal notes, other graves of departed celebrities are situated so that fans and passersby can get a glimpse and even pictures, while Jenni's is heavily guarded.

Whatever the case or the family's thinking, I find it a little odd that they wouldn't want to share this with their fans when they have shared so much of themselves, of their lives, their struggles, and even lately of Jenni's death.

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