Shakira and her boyfriend, Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué became parents just 2 days ago, and although there's a 10-year age difference between them and wedding bells seem very, very far off, their love is honestly more real than anything we saw with her previous more "traditional" decade-long relationship.

Rumors of a romance between the beautiful Colombian songstress and the Barcelona team defender started surfacing during the summer of 2010--right around the time when rumors started flying that her more than 10-year long relationship with Argentinean Antonio De la Rúa was on the rocks. Shaki was left no other choice but to admit her romantic involvement with the handsome Piqué.


For months, international entertainment press tried by any means possible to find information, confirmation, ANYTHING proving a relationship between the petite singer and the Spanish hunk. I even heard rumors that certain press outlets were more than ready to shell out up to $200,000 to the photographer that managed to snap a compromising picture of Shaki and Piqué.

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Nevertheless, the couple, who is without a doubt very adept when it comes to handling paparazzi harassment, beat everyone to the punch when in February 2011, Piqué published to his Twitter account a picture of his birthday celebration which included Shakira. Weeks later, Shaki herself tweeted and published on her Facebook the now-famous picture of the couple with the words: "Les presento a mi Sol" or "I want to introduce you all to my sun."

And ever since then, the pair have been inseparable, their relationship going strong, despite the press' incessant hounding. After months of romance, more word surfaced that Shakira was jealous because of some conversations that her man had had with Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli. Crazy rumors swirled around the couple, who many said were done, over, terminados. But then more rumors began about a possible pregnancy, talk that swirled for months--and then the subsequent and joyful confirmation of the baby-to-be ... it was truly a roller coaster time while we all waited to find out if our favorite girl would be having a little one come the new year!

Shakira and Piqué took their time to actually confirm the news of their pregnancy, but ever since they did, they haven't stopped sharing with all of us fans the most important moments of Shaki's gestation--even inviting us to share in their virtual baby shower to benefit Unicef. Below, check out the last video they did together, and go through the gallery so you can relive their romance from the time it was just a mere rumor!

Image via Shakira/Twitter

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