Kids explain the difference between boys & girls with hilarious results (VIDEO)

Many parents struggle with how to explain the difference between boys and girls to their children ... but apparently, Jimmy Kimmel has absolutely no problem broaching the subject! In another hilarious episode of Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids, the host sits down with a few kids to ask them what they think separates the two sexes--and the resulting answers are sure to have you laughing out loud.


Meanwhile, another young boy gives several attempts at an answers. "Girls like pink, boys don't," he says, to which Kimmel responds by saying that there actually are some boys who like pink. After also suggesting that "girls like to shop and boys don't" and that "boys like to watch TV and girls don't" (both activities that Kimmel explains actually work for both genders), the boy shrugs his shoulders exasperatedly and says, "This is hard!"

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But my absolute favorite reaction came from the young blonde boy who appears towards the middle of the video and clearly knows the correct answer but is unsure of how to express it.  "You know when people hit their thing in between their legs?" he questions, before eventually giving up and saying, "Most girls have longer hair than boys."

Haha! Eventually, a couple of kids do get it right ... but it's pretty funny watching them try to spit out the answer.

Watch the entire hilarious video here:

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