'American Idol' premiere: Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj bring awkward tension to auditions

The highly-anticipated new season of American Idol finally premiered tonight! And it definitely started out with a bang. Between the plethora of singers (from the ultra talented to the, well, not-so-great) and the very obvious tension between new judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, the first round of auditions in New York definitely made for some dramatic TV!


Throughout the episode, there were some standout singers. I personally liked Frankie Ford who, after getting off to a shaky start, managed to put away his nerves and shine enough to get through to the next phase. There was also another memorable moment with the audition 17-year-old country singer Sarah Restuccio who started off singing Carrie Underwood and--to the utter shock of everyone--ended up rapping Minaj's song "Superbass."  After some debate (with Minaj fighting on behalf of the vocalist), she also made it through. 

In typical Idol fashion, the show also highlighted plenty of terrible auditions...which I never quite understand. Why do the producers even bother showing those?! I don't even find them funny as much as I find them kinda sad.

But the one part of the show that managed to outshine ALL of the singers and their auditions? The feud between Carey and Minaj! Now that we can actually see them exchange words on screen, there's absolutely no denying that these two do NOT get along. The tension between them is clear as day in their constant bickering and  (totally unsubtle) digs at each other. Poor innocent Keith Urban, who I think said a total of 6 words all night, has to sit in between them!

I think the diss of the night though came when one truly horrendous singer basically screamed his way through a Phantom of the Opera track. Minaj's response? "You have Mariah's range!"

Yikes! Well, I guess we'll just have to wait if their dynamics turn, umm, friendlier as the rest of the auditions play out... but at this rate, I honestly doubt it. Either way, one thing's for sure: this is sure to be an interesting season!

Image via Fox

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