"Modern Family" recap: Gloria welcomes a new member to the family!

This was probably the best episode of Modern Family this season yet!  It was Manny's 14th birthday  and Gloria decided to throw him a surprise party because she's felt that she had been neglecting him due to the upcoming baby.

Cameron and Mitch are having problems because Mitch continues to brag about his job and Cameron has a hard time adjusting to his position as a music teacher. Not only that, but Lily has become more attached to Mitch causing Cameron to get jealous of their new bond.

Hayley meanwhile brings a new older boyfriend home which concerns her parents and especially sets off Phil.  The storylines in tonight's episode were even better than I expected!


As Gloria and Jay prepared to set up Manny's surprise party, Phil and Claire had to deal with Hayley's new rude and middle aged beau, Kenny. Kenny is a jeans website designer who at first wins Phil's approval until he realizes his daughter is dating him. Claire on the other hand knows that Hayley is going through a phase much like she did when she was younger meant to spite her father.

As Cameron tries to win Lily's affection again, his strategies don't go so well as she continuously gets injured in his presence. The first incident was when she pretended to marry Mitch at their pretend wedding and Cameron passive aggressively tossed grains of rice at them resulting in injuring her eye. When Cam tried to have his own wedding with her, she bought her a toy car to win her attention but instead she ended up injuring her neck when she crashed the car into the wall. In another instance he accidentally knocks her into the pool!

The big storyline though was Gloria's who wanted to acknowledge Manny by throwing him a birthday party, but little did she know that her son had had other intentions for that evening which involved a girl he liked.  Unfortunately for Manny, his family witnessed his first kiss as they were preparing to surprise him and even caught it on video via Luke's camera. The episode took an even more exciting twist when Gloria's water broke as she tried to get Manny to emerge from his room after his embarrassment. 

She feels guilty for having neglected him that she tries to mask that she has gone into labor and hopes to have the baby hold off until the next day. But as most women know, there's only so much you can hide when you're about to give birth!

Jay rushes Gloria to the hospital where he seems to be going through more pain than Gloria is with her extremely tight hand grips. Gloria admits to Jay how scared she is to be a mom again, but Jay manages to console her and leave her at ease. Meanwhile Phil has tried to remain patient with Hayley's skeevy older boyfriend, but finally loses it when he learns that she and Kenny are going to a far restaurant which  might require them to stay at a hotel. As Claire predicted Hayley was doing it for attention and to upset her father since she thought she was a disappointment for him since she got kicked out of college.  Phil overhears her telling Claire that she cares about her father's approval and they make up.

The family is then finally presented with the newest member of the family as Gloria delivers a baby girl in a matter of 20 minutes as she revealed. Jay sums up the episode with a speech on milestones and having a new member of the family being one of the greatest ones. And we couldn't agree more!

We can't wait to see how he and Gloria handle being new parents again and who the little one acts more like. This just shows that Modern Family is about to get more interesting!  

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