Adorable deaf rescue bulldog jams out to blues music!

If you liked the puppy video from yesterday, you're going to LOVE this video. When I saw this dog jamming out to music, I couldn't help but smile. The dog's name is Winston and he's an English Bulldog--the surprising detail is that Winston is deaf, but apparently he's a huge fan of blues music!

His owner, Jaymynne Bowles, posted a video on YouTube of the deaf 2-year-old bulldog scooting and dancing around to the blues music her friend was playing. It's the most adorable and touching thing I've ever seen!


Even though he can't hear, Winston seems to enjoy the music. It just shows you how free spirited doggies are and that they know how to appreciate life despite their disabilities. As it turns out, Winston is really moving along to the vibrations of the guitar according to Bowles. He could've fooled us!

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Winston dancing to the bluesy music is awesome too because he doesn't hold back. And we have to say even Bowles' friend, Ashland, has a great voice! Perhaps they can take part in a music tour and Winston can be her mascot?

Check out the adorable clip of new YouTube sensation Winston, below:

Image via YouTube

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