'Revenge' recap: Emily and Daniel reunite!

Revenge is back on! And as we saw last week, Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson are back together...which is kinda tricky considering her and Aiden aren't over exactly over either!


Despite knowing that its all part of the plan, Aiden remains jealous after he sees Emily is kissing Daniel and pretending to be his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Amanda visits Jack in prison and tries to make sense out of his crime. He strongly believes that a plot has been been created against him and drugs have been planted on the boat.  

Victoria, however, is looking out for herself and is trying to trick Daniel into thinking he really loves Emily. 

Nolan is facing his own dilemna. Padma is asking for her job back and feeling sorry for her, he  gives her her position back. However, he doesn't forget about Marco. He looks back at all of his emails from the beginning and kicks him out of the company, to which Marco denies and insists he's making "a very big mistake"...and he's right. It turns out Padma is also working for the Intiative and feeding them information. 

Ashley is asking for her old position in his office from Conrad, and he seems to fall under her spell as she begins to revive her power within the Grayson family. 

A fundraise and wine auction turns into a bidding war for Daniel.Daniel takes precedent with  a million dollar bid. The woman from the Intiative, Ellen Crowley is also there and they begin a conversation about Aiden's sister, whom she has previously revealed is alive. Emily and Nolan spot them and wonder what they could be talking about.

With Jack still imprisoned from last week's episode, Charlotte tries to help her supposed sister, telling her to go to Conrad for help about Jack. He tells her to stay away from their family however, but he does offer that Decland stay at the house. He refuses the offer. 

Emily, Victoria and Aiden (who is jealous of Daniel and Emily's new fake courtship  with him) continue to plot out their next steps. 

Check back next week for more updates!

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