Epic battle between dog and orange will crack you up!

If there's one thing dogs love, it's items that seem foreign to them. I think that's why they chew up shoes and anything else they come across. It's all out of pure curiousity! That is the case for this Lemon Beagle named Maymo. Maymo encounters an orange and can't get enough of it!

The video hilariously showcases Maymo duking it out with an orange--you have to watch to see who wins!


My dog used to and still barks at any random item he finds strange. He especially hates our Roomba vacuum cleaner and is always trying to start a fight with it. Ha!

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So to see Maymo try to fight it out with this orange was even more funny to watch. If you have a pet at home you may just be able to relate to this cute pup. Although someone should tell Maymo that oranges are our friends and give us a daily healthy dose of Vitamin C!

Maymo the dog is so hilarious, he even has his own YouTube channel, where his owners upload way more of his other hysterical antics (Maymo stealing a cabbage is classic!). Check out the cute Lemon Beagle in action as he tries fighting it out with the citrusy fruit. We promise you won't regret it!

Image via YouTube

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