Could this FINALLY be Sofia Vergara's Golden Globe winning year?

Sofia Vergara is up for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Series ... for a THIRD time since 2010. But sadly we've yet to see her take home a trophy. This beauty won over American audiences with her quirky portrayal of hilarious Gloria Delgado Pritchett on the (also!) Golden Globen nominated show, Modern Family

But what many people don't realize is that Sofia didn't just appear from out of nowhere--when she got huge in the U.S. she had already made a name for herself in the Hispanic entertainment world before they were graced with the gorgeous mom! So could this be the year our girl scores a Golden Globe?


Sofia is one of the few Hispanic actresses who has successfully transitioned from the Latino entertainment world to the general market. Like most stars, she struggled before reaching superstardom. Now she has a successful clothing line with Kmart, is a spokesperson for Cover Girl, and even appears in various Pepsi commercials!

Having grown up in a Latino household, I knew who Sofia was before she went mainstream. But she wouldn't have become this successful if it wasn't for Modern Family. And we just love how animated she is by throwing her Latin flair out there on the show. 

The Colombian funny girl grew up in Baranquilla, where she started out modeling as a teenager and was discovered at the age of 17 by a photographer while strolling down a Colombian beach. This was when she started her career in runway modeling, and eventually starred in a popular Latin American Pepsi commercial, which gave her her huge break. At the age of 18, Sofia married her high school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez and during their short-lived marriage had her (now 20-year-old) son, Manolo. Sofia divorced Gonzalez and took on being a single mom--and we have to say she's done an amazing job!

At one point she decided to go back to school for pre-dentistry, but eventually dropped out to pursue modeling again. She got her big break as a host for the Spanish travel show Fuera de Siere in 1995 which lasted a few years. She continued doing different Univision projects, and then decided to focus on her career in the United States and signed a contract with ABC. Her decision was also for the safety of her son because her brother had just been killed during an attempted kidnapping in Colombia at the time.

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Throughout this period, she took on roles in small unsuccessful movies like Chasing Papi and Soul Plane. Before joining Modern Family, Sofia got the hang of acting on television sitcoms, starring in Hot Properties in 1999 and then in another go-nowhere sitcom called The Knights of Prosperity.

Finally, after years of misses, she got a role on ABC's Modern Family playing Ed O'Neil's younger wife, Gloria and she honestly nailed the role (in fact, it's said that creators made the Gloria role with Sofia in mind!). Her sassiness and sex appeal won over viewers and has even earned her (and the show!) Emmy and Golden Globe wins.

After all, she is the highest paid actress on TV and is also planning her wedding to fiancé, Nick Loeb. As a hard-working actress and mom, Sofia has showcased her talents on the show and deserves to win the trophy, if only for the depth she gives an otherwise cartoonish character. We can't wait to see her at the Golden Globes and we're rooting for her and Modern Family to win big!

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