Please let Jenni Rivera rest in peace!

It's been a month since Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera tragically passed away in a plane crash, and shocking new details are still emerging about her alleged associations with cartels. Reportedly, Jenni may have had ties to a Mexican drug cartel and even performed at their parties and events.

The news comes after media outlets, Univision, L.A.-based La Opinion, and Mexican newspaper, Reforma revealed that a witness shared the details of Jenni's involvement with the cartel.


It's sad to think that these sources are STILL trying to link Jenni Rivera's name to drug cartels. Honestly, at this point, it's the last thing her poor family needs to deal with!

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Beltran Leyva, who once represented drug kingpin "La Barbie", told Reforma that he used to contract musicians to perform at cartel parties. Supposedly Jenni was amongst the singers who would perform.

Coincidentally the witness statements were dated back to 2009 when Jenni had been detained at Mexico's International airport with more than $50,000 in cash as she was returning to Los Angeles. Shortly after the incident, the singer admitted to ¡Hola! magazine that there were many times when she didn't know who she was contracted by, but that she had no ties to the drug cartel. She claimed she would not want any problems with the U.S. or Mexico if approached with such an offer.

Even though Jenni said she wasn't involved with the drug organization, there is speculation over her ties to them since her second husband went to jail for drug trading. And while Jenni's death is still under investigation, special agent and DEA spokesperson Lisa Webb Johnson says she hasn't even heard of the plane crash tied to a drug cartel.

Personally, these all sound like illegitimate accusations--especially since this "witness" is not named and the story dates all the way back to 2009. This wouldn't be the first time an artist has been tied to performing for unsavory characters (case in point: Mariah Carey or Beyonce getting heat for performing for dictators in the Middle East), so why pick on this woman who isn't alive to defend herself?

It's rather disrespectful for them to make these accusations especially during this time when Jenni should be resting in peace. Her children don't need to hear about these rumors tied to their mother as they're all mourning her right now.

The biggest tragedy here is that these kids lost their mother and have to cope on their own. Instead of creating rumors, we should all be offering support to the Rivera family who is going through a hard time right now and wishing them all the strength and resilience to get through this.

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