We love seeing pictures of the Obama family and the adventures they go on, but lets be honest, there's true star in the clan is Bo Obama. That's right, I'm talking about the First Dog!

Don't get us wrong, we are big fans of the President, the First Lady, and his beautiful daughter Sasha and Malia, but who can resist that furry cutie? No one, that's who...


As a dog lady (yes, that's what I've deemed myself) I love the idea that the president has his puppy hanging out all around the White hHouse. Boy, has Bo gotten into some mischief (just watch the video of Michelle Obama trying to read to kids at Christmas to see what I'm talking about), but he's also been captured being ridiculous adorable (Watch. That. Video.)

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If you can't handle Bo's cuteness, you probably shouldn't look at these pictures we've gathered of him! Check out some of the First Pups most memorable moments and tell us which you loved best.

Image via Image via maayanpearl/ flickr


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