Jenni Rivera's English album will finally be released

Jenni Rivera's fans have been grieving ever since her tragic death several weeks ago, but now it looks like they can actually look forward to hearing more of her work in the future. Reportedly, Jenni recorded a set of songs in English almost a decade ago and soon, the world will finally get a chance to hear them.  


Rivera, who was rapidly becoming a more widely recognized star with her reality show, I Love Jenni, had created an English album in hopes of crossing over to U.S. pop charts. Though the tracks were recorded in 2004, they remained unreleased for unspecified reasons--that is, until now! With Rivera's album sales rising after her death, her record company is planning to finally release the unheard songs.

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Though it's exciting to know that we will get to hear new music of hers--and in a new genre, no less!--I can't help but think that the premiere of this CD is going to be very bittersweet. After all, Rivera's father, Pedro, has previously revealed it was his daughter's lifelong dream to break into the mainstream music world. It's heartbreaking to know that her wish has finally come true, but she isn't here to celebrate with her loved ones.

Still, I know that her fans will make her new songs just as big a success as her older works and at least now, her family can take comfort in knowing that her goals are being fulfilled and that her legacy will live on with all of her music--in both languages.

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