"This is 1" parody adorably recasts film "This is 40" (VIDEO)

Many movies would benefit from featuring at least one super adorable baby in the plotline, don't you think? That's probably why one creative YouTube user had the brilliant idea of taking the trailer for the film This is 40 and turning it into a cute and hysterical parody called This is 1.


It follows a charming one-year-old boy as he goes into the fridge, eats, plays the drums with a friend and kicks back in a mini rocking chair. All of his actions are described by an omnipresent narrator. "This is the story of a guy who just wants to know where the remote is," the voice says. "He doesn't need anybody up in his grill…At the end of a hard day, he just wants to chillax in his chair."

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Haha, how cute is that?! I don't know about you, but I think I'd much rather watch this movie than the actual film it's based off of. After all, how can you not love the irresistibly cute star? He is only one years old and he is already more engaging and charismatic than some actual movie stars (c'mon, you know you were thinking it too!).

Oh, but just a note to parents before you pass the video along: this trailer is rated PG-1.

Image via YouTube

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