They say that tragedies usually come in threes, and little Johnny Angel Lopez, the youngest son of late singer Jenni Rivera, has suffered two so far this December. First, the tragic death of his mom, and now the sad passing of a little puppy that had been given to him by some of his mom's fans to keep him company after his huge loss. 

"Today is a sad day. Paulo died today for unknown causes. We will bury him in our backyard. Carnal and the rest of us are very saddened..." little Johnny tweeted on Christmas day. Carnal is Johnny's other Chihuahua mix.

According to Perdo Rivera Jr., Jenni's oldest brother, guardianship and custody of the younger of Jenni's kids is now sister Rosie's responsibility. She will also be charged with the management of her fortune. Johnny, though, has said on Twitter that his sister Chiquis has been taking care of him the past few days, taking him out to eat and to the movies.

Johnny also uploaded a tribute video to YouTube on Christmas day that he created himself to honor his mom's memory and thank fans for all the support he's received through this whole ordeal.

"This video is dedicated to my Mama, Jenni Rivera. Her great employees and friends who were on the plane, Mario Macias, Jacob Yebale, & Arturo Rivera. We all love you," Johnny writes in the beginning of the video.  

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I'm impressed at how this young man is using social media as a tool to manage his grief. He's being more active than usual and Jenni's fans are constantly interacting with him, something that must bring some form of consolation. See Johnny's moving video dedicated to his mama below.

Image via Johnny Lopez/Instagram

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Dios le de sabiduria a este pequeno para que con la guia de su familia pueda ententer los designios de Dios y con el correr del tiempo aceptar porque paso lo que paso y honrrar la memoria de su querida e inolvidable y ejemplo de madre nuestra queridisima Jenny Rivera.

I Luvd it!!! Johnny im so sorry for ur loss, I lost my daughter 3 yrs ago,so i kno how u feeling,I Luv u! and my prayers are with u.
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All I can say is I hope God, is standing by this little boy at all times. This is a hard time for him, for all his family but he's very young still needed his mom. Hope Rosie steps up and does everything right and takes him off Chiquis irresponsible hands that woman can't be trusted.

i think its wonderful he has been able to chanel his suffering in remembering his mother in what he likes to do...this kid definitly has talent....pray for them all....

I love Johnny lopez, Jenny Rivera son. You are always on my dailey prayer..God bless you Johnny!
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Johnny isn't a very friendly kid. Jenni wouldn't be to happy how he treats her fans. Some1 will comment on her pictures and he blows up on them saying they are idiot's and stop acting like u kno his mom... Hes just rude... its pretty sad.....Chiquis I thought was innocent but Jenni's tweets don't lie. You can clearly see Jenni didn't want anything to do with her.... and I don't believe jenni was going to invite her for xmas lol
I Loved that video that you made. I never meet your mom. She is such a great women to everyone she help so many people . There will never be Mexican women like her in a long time.. She was real and down to earth Gangster like she said.So Johnny Take Care mijo. So tell family that in my prayers..
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