Tom Cruise's new girlfriend may be a Latina restaurant hostess half his age

Could it be true that Tom Cruise is now dating a Latina? Rumor has it that the 50-year-old actor has been getting close to 26-year-old restaurant manager Cynthia Jorge of Queens, New York. The actor, whose marriage ended to Katie Holmes a little more than 6 months ago, was reportedly seen out on the town in New York City with the beauty that is half his age.

Jorge, a Boston University 2008 graduate had established herself in the culinary world, even working as a marketing director for Benjamin's Steakhouse in Manhattan. While news of the twosome has spread like wildfire, there are some who remain skeptical and even claim that this outing never happened!  


I admit that I'm a Tom Cruise fan--despite what the media says about his Scientology obsession and weird behavior. To learn that he might be dating a woman from my hometown, in my age range, and possibly even Latina made me think--hey, that could've been me dating Tom Cruise, ha!  

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The New York Daily News reports that Jorge is a manager at hot spot Beauty and Essex, and was seen dancing the night away with Cruise at Le Baron nightclub. They had allegedly met two days prior to their outing when Jorge slipped Cruise her business card after he had lunch at her work place.

Looks like Cruise could not resist the manager's forwardness and reportedly took her salsa dancing at Le Baron, where some witnesses say they were "grinding" and he looked completely smitten by her. But there are others such as the bouncer of the club who say that none of this is true.

The unnamed doorman claims that he was working the night news broke out of the possible affair, but that he did not see Cruise and doubts any of it even happened. Cruise allegedly sent her home in a private car and then shortly after, the media frenzy began.

The Daily News reports that Jorge's bosses at Beauty and Essex made her take off from work for fear of media scrutiny after news that she and the superstar might be an item. Sheesh!

Whether or not it's true that Cruise might be dating this non-celeb girl from Queens, it's good to see that he's getting back into dating after his public divorce. And this wouldn't be the first time there had been rumors of Cruise dating a Latina either! For now, perhaps it's just a rumor, but if it's more than that he might just be in for an interesting ride by dating a fellow Latina!

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